Putting on a Show – Week Two: Q&A

So, a definitely-not-self-indulgent Q and A. I shall begin. JAMES: So, Will - why me? Oh god, why me? WILL:  Well, I’m not entirely sure. We hadn’t known each other too long when I approached you. You’d foolishly cast me in a play you were directing in 2012 and so I guess I’d got used... Continue Reading →

Putting on a Show – Week One: What and Why

As you may know, I have an ongoing collaboration with William Breden (@WinsomeVogon is one of the few places he concedes to being online). It is called Nando’s and Nandon’ts. To the right is a poster designed for its first public outing. Here, we begin an irregular series documenting our folly. Here’s Will, with a... Continue Reading →


I'm averaging a post a post a month since this blog started in March 2012. That's regular, right? Some updates: Come June I will be free of uni work, come July I will have graduated, and the adult world beckons. Erp. Submitted various things I had hanging around to various places, will be on the... Continue Reading →


I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by. --Douglas Adams Many people love that quotation, and with good reason. I'm among the worst (or, perhaps, best) for putting off things I have to do until the last possible minute, working stupid hours to get stuff done, doing other things instead -... Continue Reading →

Form and poetry

Happy November! The plays I'm directing are going well. A little worrying they will be seen by a paying audience in just four weeks time, but we will persevere. It is, however, eating up all my available time, along with choir and suchlike. Luckily, as part of my English degree I'm doing a module called... Continue Reading →


Summer has been spent mainly reading sci-fi for my dissertation. Not much writing has got done. Even my grammar is slipping, as the previous sentence shows. However, I've got a few updates and notes for you: I have finally started the play I've been threatening since the inception of this blog, which will most likely... Continue Reading →

The Wicked Years

I didn't necessarily intend to do book reviews on this blog, but I was midway through writing this on my Tumblr and realised it perhaps has a better home here. I've just finished Out of Oz, you see, the fourth and final volume in The Wicked Years by Gregory Maguire. It completed the sequence well, I... Continue Reading →

Medium and magic machines

I've posted a couple more of my Proteus sketches, both unperformed male-female two-handers. Soul Music is a musical written from a female perspective, and Interview a sci-fi tale from a male. Writing in the sci-fi genre you immediately come across the roadblock of how closely you adhere to the science part of the term. I'm... Continue Reading →

Two sides of poetry

This is not the full poetry blog I have been promising, but that will come soon. For now, here are two poems I wrote recently. As with all my poetry, this is first-draft stuff, and I'm not sure either are publishable. They do highlight the two sides to my work, however: the cerebral and the... Continue Reading →

Society and art

Rather predictably, I have done no work at all on the play I mentioned in the last post. If I was being charitable to myself, I would point out that I am rather busy at the moment, considering I just completed my participation in a production of Romeo and Juliet, but am still in rehearsal... Continue Reading →

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