I just blindly retweeted the above image. I can't claim I've read the actual article, or have some advanced knowledge or insight into the situation, but I thought it was worth doing a brief post on why libraries are so important to me. Neil Gaiman has done a test at his readings, where he asks... Continue Reading →

Blogging in 2014

A post summarising what blogging means in 2014, and where I'm taking mine. I've had a blog a while now, since mid-March 2012 (which is a while in Internet-time), so I've been asked a couple of times by people looking to get into blogging how on earth you do it. (I've given various garbled guidance... Continue Reading →

Blogging will be a thing again, and some reviews

Blogging has again become sporadic and erratic. Fear not¬†Putting on a Show¬†will return, as will #fridayflash, but travelling and other factors have caused some skip weeks. You're probably owed an explanation of what else I've been up to creatively apart from Nando's, but sadly the answer to that is not much. Rehearsing a musical somewhere... Continue Reading →

New ventures

Tl;dr - making creative things in Leicester. Get involved. Over three years of living in Leicester, I met a load of talented people, who just give away their time either through generosity or because they don't quite realise how special they are. Also, I made friends with these people. The other thing that happened is... Continue Reading →

Input, output, poem

Hello again. My brief life update is that my collaboration Nando's and Nandon'ts recieved its second draft performance at the Y Theatre, Leicester, which was enormously helpful, and I look forward to working it up into a full piece with Will Breden. Also, DSMing Curve Young Company's The Tempest turns full-on on Monday, as tech/show... Continue Reading →


I'm averaging a post a post a month since this blog started in March 2012. That's regular, right? Some updates: Come June I will be free of uni work, come July I will have graduated, and the adult world beckons. Erp. Submitted various things I had hanging around to various places, will be on the... Continue Reading →

Society and art

Rather predictably, I have done no work at all on the play I mentioned in the last post. If I was being charitable to myself, I would point out that I am rather busy at the moment, considering I just completed my participation in a production of Romeo and Juliet, but am still in rehearsal... Continue Reading →

Firsts and adaptation

Firsts are always hard. This isn't the first time I've done a first post on some blogging platform or another, but I'm hoping this one will stick. I intend to check in here every week with some words on something I've done worth sharing, which will hopefully mean I will make myself have interesting weeks... Continue Reading →

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