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As a bonus for today, here’s a post from Nick Palmer’s blog about the writer’s group we are both a part of, and I have failed to mention. It speaks truth. It has inspired me to keep plugging away at that play I’ve been guiltily referring to since last year, and is a wonderful group of people to chat with.

Nick Palmer, Writer

Writing is, primarily, a solitary behaviour. Quite a lot of the work we do occurs inside our heads as millions of neurones fire across synapses to bring us the best characters and the twistiest twists imaginable. Whilst others can inspire the creative process and may serve as templates for characters or as groups of people who need taking down a peg or two, writing is something that you do by yourself. Even if you’ve got a writing partner, it’s not often you both sit in the room and construct the words together. Planning and research are all in your mind, and as for the rest, the putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, that’s generally done behind a locked door and involves a lot of swearing.

Via gistplanet.comLike so many other things.

Because it is a solitary process, sometimes it gets a little lonely. You look…

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