Arts funding

A post where I ramble about arts funding a bit and don't come to much of a conclusion. Just over a week ago, my friend Kirsty shared this article about the inequality of arts funding. It's from 2012, but a topic seems to be in the air at the moment, because three core truths are... Continue Reading →

Wrapping up 2013

Hello again. Sorry the blog went quiet without warning. You know how it is, once you stop doing something, it becomes harder to start it up again. Plus, an awful lot of life seemed to be happening for a while there, so I didn't really feel like doing much of anything. Still, cusp of a... Continue Reading →

Putting on a Show – Week 12: Getting Serious Now

As you may have gathered, Nando's and Nandon'ts is but one prong in a many-pronged approach to making stuff in Leicester. We're taking meetings this week concerning a potential theatrical project concerning mental health. Podcasts are being planned (and are already starting to live over on and on iTunes). Plus, if you are interested... Continue Reading →

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