Poetry/Life update

So, I've just submitted my six poems for the fourth module of my MA. I've got a dissertation to write between now and December (which is basically 15-20 more poems). However, the taught component is done, so essentially it's time to figure out the next thing. Doing the MA was a suggestion from my sister,... Continue Reading →

Books 2016 and #TryPod

An interesting thing I found when I crunched the numbers on what I read in 2016 is that it included a surprising amount of non-fiction. This may be related to my love of podcasts. Apparently this is #TryPod month, which is silly, but a good excuse to talk about the podcasts I enjoy.

Almost halfway there

It's a hot and sunny day in Manchester. It's just over a year since I first visited, with the feeling that I was about to spend a lot of my time here. My current lease ends in three weeks' time, and I'll be in Warwickshire for the summer, but I'll be back to finish up... Continue Reading →


Every train journey home feels like time travel. My sense of place is linked with my sense of home, and my sense of home moves around with me. I have a home in Wellesbourne, and as long as my parents are living there, I always will. But I ripped out my sense of home when... Continue Reading →

Short story: Coffee

I've reduced the number of works I'm making available on the site, in order to have a more honest go at having stuff published. This short story was written in July 2013, which seems a world away, and was put in front of the London Road Irregulars, which was a lovely support group that fizzled out... Continue Reading →

Writing books is hard shock

So, November 1st I embarked on NaNoWriMo 2015, which is a challenge to write a novel - beginning, middle and end - of at least 50,000 words between November 1-30. It's only the 25th, but I'm calling it a day at roughly 22,000 words. And yet, I would say that this month has been a semi-success.

Spectre review

I've been trying to review more things, just because it's good for the old brain. There's plenty of words available on Bond at the moment, and this one wanders around a bit, but you might find it interesting. Spectre (2015) Perhaps you can review Daniel Craig’s Bond films simply by looking at the theme songs.... Continue Reading →

Time flies, space midges etc

A whole fortnight since I last posted! That will never do. It's been a steady couple of weeks. The Monday I met all my poetry compatriots - about 8 others in this semester's seminar, with a couple more hanging around, plus the 40-60 others doing prose and screenwriting, and had a lovely time devouring the free... Continue Reading →

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