Putting on a Show – Week 12: Getting Serious Now

As you may have gathered, Nando’s and Nandon’ts is but one prong in a many-pronged approach to making stuff in Leicester. We’re taking meetings this week concerning a potential theatrical project concerning mental health. Podcasts are being planned (and are already starting to live over on and on iTunes).

Plus, if you are interested in appearing in/helping out with a pilot for a webseries adapted from As You Like It by William Shakespeare, please email us on rebelbreedinc [at] and we’ll get back to you with details. Also, like and follow us all over that Internet:
Twitter @rebelbreedinc
 – it’ll be a laugh. Thanks to anyone who already has, it’s nice to not be shouting completely into the void.

But the most important thing remains Nando’s. We’ve got through the whole play now, and the songs are starting to stick, the lines are starting to go in, and the whole thing is slowly creaking into life (the tango looks good, despite the difficulty it took certain cast members to figure out how to do a lift).

However, one thing these blog posts have been lacking is some evidence of what the show is actually like. Part of it is because it’s still in development, part of it is keeping the surprise, and part of it is not having the time to film and record stuff as well as rehearse. I can offer you the next best thing, though.

Cast member and costumer Olivia Deane is also a talented singer-songwriter. Her website is, and you can find her on, or her blog However, the best place you can find her is her YouTube channel. Below is her latest song, “Muse”.

With talent like that, how could we possibly fail? Stay tuned!