Putting on a Show – Week 13: It’s coming

A clock, to represent the rapid passage of time

Two weeks to go until the show.


But hey, that’s exciting too because…

It’s two weeks to go until the show!

You see, sometimes life’s just a matter of a change in emphasis/font/medication.

There’s not a great deal to say about the show other than rehearsals are going. As my honourable colleague says, we’re exactly as rehearsed as you would expect for the number of rehearsals we have in fact had.

Instead, let’s talk about multi-tasking.

  1. Doing one thing at a time is boring. Truly. You’ll perfect it early and then you’ll become complacent. The final performance/novel/cake will be a disappointment. Also being too good is just showing off. People expect rust.
  2. Instead, do more than one thing. Do lots of things. Try to do all of them at once. You’ll learn exciting new skills such as patience, omniscience and translocation.
  3. The more frantic you are before a deadline the better the final product. Established fact. Granted we haven’t conducted extensive research in to the alternative but the evidence seems solid…
  4. Your cast are more important than you. Obviously. You wave your arms and shout but they do the actual thing that makes people laugh/cry/wince. You are merely there to provide them with someone to blame. For everything. When they’re famous maybe you’ll be an amusing footnote. Or a Morrissey style rant. That’ll be nice.
  5. Delegation is fun. Idle cast/crew/passers-by can be inveigled into making costumes, building sets, rewriting poorly drafted scripts and taking drinks orders. To the untrained eye it can sometimes seem as if you’re doing nothing at all, sitting in bed eating Wotsits. This is the true art of delegation.

That’s enough for now, wouldn’t want to give away all of our trade secrets after all.

More blog next week, maybe even with photos (gasp), words (gosh) and shameless promotion (buy stuff).