My 12/6/20 Jam: “Held Down” by Laura Marling

Haven’t done this since January. We were doing well for a minute there, weren’t we?

A couple of nights ago I revisited Nimrod and Dookie by Green Day. Even pulled out the CDs and portable CD player for the full experience. Nimrod is possibly Green Day’s best album in a straightforward hits-to-misses pop sense. The album suffers by having too many good-to-great songs on there, so the third quarter gets a bit exhausting, which is probably a good problem to have. Dookie is more interesting artistically, since it is written from a more clearly identifiable point of view – pre-success angry layabout, with a growing sense of empathy. However, songs like “Pulling Teeth” and “All By Myself” have become a much more uncomfortable listens 25+ years after release. Nearly all the stuff I listened to as a teenager has long since fallen out of circulation, since I’m on a constant quest for novelty, but it’s good to go back there some days.

Today’s Jam is:

“Held Down” by Laura Marling

This feels like a belated entry. As ever with a new Laura Marling album, it’s not whether you choose a song, it’s which song you choose. Let’s go for the single. For other services, click here.