Film 2019

Just had a conversation with my housemate where it turned out that we just watch family films and franchises. I won’t insult you with a top ten, then, but I will mention in passing that Dora and the Lost City of Gold is better than you might expect. (I knew it’d be good).

Briefly then, the best film I saw was Knives Out. Fun, original in a genre-y kind of fashion, and exactly the sort of film I wish was the norm. As a runner-up I’ll go for Doctor Sleep, as a great mainstream book adaptation horror that deserves more rope than it was given.

I don’t watch or revel in bad films, I’ll go with The King as the worst film I saw in 2019. A pointless quasi-Shakespeare ultra serious historical drama, it’s not actually positively bad – as in, it’s not the sort of film where you wonder why this rubbish was made. Its competent veneer masks the fact it didn’t really have anything to do or say, and proved it at length.

Cats is in its own special category. It should be stored separately and away from everything else. Like radioactive waste.