It’s Saturday apparently

Posting on my blog hasn’t cured my need to refresh notifications. The point of push notifications is that they come to you, so why do I keep checking?

Context is everything. If I had done Friday’s work on this blog in an office, for a company, and stayed an extra couple of hours, I’d have been paid £80 easy. As it was, I was down £3 for the day due to a minimal grocery shop.

I’m already feeling a bit self-conscious about talking this much online. I’ve instantly switched from the very occasional tweet to daily correspondence with the void. Still, you’ve got to get over the self-minimising thing at some point.

My stats page suggests that someone was trying to download some old poetry PDFs. I’m not putting any poems online right now due to tedious antiquated publishing norms (and to be frank I hope they are no longer my best work). However, if anyone wants them drop me a message and I’ll sort you out privately. Assuming it wasn’t just some bot in the first place.

My thoughts on the entirety of Dracula are basically my thoughts on the first episode: I liked it, it’s entirely the Dracula you expect based on Sherlock, I think at this point many people know what they’re in for from that team and so whether they want to watch it. I made the mistake of reading some Twitter critique, and the only thing I will say at this time to avoid spoilers is that I appreciate the commitment to presenting three different films, rather than making the film that worked best three times. There’s also a point I wish to develop about fetishising time periods, but I haven’t had any tea yet, so we’ll park that for now.

Oh, and also, I watched Frozen II the other day. Long time readers of this blog might remember my reservations about the first film, which everyone else loved. People seem less keen on the second, and it is a lower key and somewhat less funny affair. However, I really liked it, and even did a bit of a cry. The songs and plot are properly integrated, the visual storytelling was great, and the characterisation had matured nicely. It does make you think a lot about homeopathy, though.

I’ve come to a point of complete boredom, so hopefully I’ll find something entertaining to do. Considering I haven’t even achieved breakfast yet, I’m not holding out much hope.