My 3/1/20 Jam: “New Year’s Eve” by Pale Waves

From 2011 to 2015, the best social media website around was This Is My Jam. Every week (at least!) you would post the song that’s your absolute favourite right now. New or old, hip or cheesy, link it up and let it reign. Sadly, it became increasingly more difficult to just link to a song and expect it to play, and the project shuttered.

However, a good idea is a good idea. In tribute to the years I spent there, I’ll be sharing my new jams here. You’ll find my first 115 picks here, and a Spotify playlist of most of them here. The 2020 Jams are here on the blog and here on Spotify.

Today’s Jam is:

“New Year’s Eve” by Pale Waves

Technically I was mostly listening to the band a couple of years ago, but this one popped back into my head for obvious reasons. For other services, click here.