What I’ve Done This Week – 08/05/15

  • June is busting out all over!
  • Also, looking very busy with socialising and such. And this week was already so packed I had to skip Chas & Dave and Emergency at the Y. 😦
  • This edition is brought to you by the new Florence + The Machine album, because the singles are excellent and I want to hear the rest.
  • Mice are probably still here. Should probably have another bash at it.
  • I’ve got a few songs I need to tidy up and demo. #songday might become a thing. Watch this space.
  • Celebrated Chris’s birthday on the Wednesday, which was unexpectedly followed by a trip to Mad Max: Fury Road with Sandy. What a gentleman, and what a film. Most big films nowadays are about the apocalypse in some form or another (indeed, perhaps they always have been), but few do it with such vigour and excitement and cool design and absurdity and satire. It was a 2000AD strip on screen, and that is a high compliment indeed.
  • Very last chorus concert on Sunday, which a bit sad. Have to make some room in my life etc, and it’s good to have a good ending to something that was entirely lovely to be in throughout. There’s quite the farewell tour, with many trips to pubs and beyond in store, but it’s definitely done. Even sang a Sondheim for a solo, something I’d been meaning to do for years but never got round to. My normal appreciative concert audience (mums) seem to like it.
  • Talking of excellent pub trips, Saturday takes some beating. The Cavendish Road gang ft. Sellars descended on The Font for some retro gaming, and it was a beautiful experience. I even won a game of Bust-A-Move! What times we live in.
  • Before that, I went on a boat. The Riverside Festival happened, which is basically where a load of stalls are set up near where I’m currently living and you go out there and generally have a lovely time. I ate Columbian chicken and had a ride on a tandem. Fun in the sun!
  • To be honest, this looks like a short list, but out of the eight evenings (including tonight) choir and related took up half of them (rehearsal Mon+Fri, Concert Sun, Chris Wed) the arcade one of them (Sat), and I needed the other three (Tues/Thurs/Mon 8) to be the antisocial bastard I naturally am. Like tonight, for instance. Also, I am now an old man who gets tired. Plus on these nights I get to cook something rather than warm something through.
  • This week: lots of things probably, I dunno. Despite the above, still as receptive to invitations to fun things as ever. Til next time!