What I’ve Done This Week – 31/05/15

More notes confirming that I am alive and walking about.

  • The schedule for this blog is mysterious and strange, especially to me.
  • Spent three days in Warks &c, managed to show my face to both sets of grandparents, my parents, the sister, and the pets, thus fulfilling my obligations for another month or two.
  • The three days away/Bank Holiday thing has messed up my schedule greatly, I don’t know whether I’m coming or going.
  • Watched Exodus: Gods and Kings. Ridley Scott is a great director, but his films are only rarely much cop. Exodus is very good, probably his best for a while. Surprisingly emotional, and an interesting semi-rational interpretation of many of the magical events. Worth looking up if you want to see Batman be Moses.3
  • We have a mouse in the house, so I’ve had to spend some time sorting that out. The vegan housemate released it into the garden, the fool that he is, so we’ll have to rebait the trap and take him out to the countryside. I’m not for killing Gerald, despite advice. He’s just a mouse, doing his mousey thing.
  • Bit of chorus, as per. Only two more rehearsals ever now, very sad. Not for them, of course, they tire of my pep and verve.
  • Some pubbing, no running, bad eating. Still recovering from today’s fry up. Cheat week is in season, apparently. Must try harder.
  • Actually saw some friends this week. It was nice. I like people who like me.  Shall try to track down more.
  • I didn’t sort out a poem. This week!
  • I became King of Ireland on Crusader Kings 2, then overstretched and became King of Denmark. This is turning out contentiously for me, so I’m giving it a break. Also, I caught up entirely with No Such Thing As A Fish, so I have to figure out a new podcast to pair with it.
  • The latest New Statesman is fantastic. It’s edited by Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer, and has articles from everyone you want to read articles from. An absolute steal.
  • I read it on the train to Manchester. Had a group workshop/chat concerning some ADing for the 24:7 Theatre Festival. Don’t expect anything to come directly from it, but it’s the sort of thing I’m trying to put myself in the frame for more often. I haven’t done any theatre since November, and such a long break is probably very unhealthy for me.
  • There was a blues singer on the street called the Boogie Woogie Mancunian, which basically made my week. As did seeing Kirsty being a dinosaur in the Haymarket. What a time we live in.
  • Inching forward on How to Build A Girl by Caitlin Moran. It’s a good book, I’m just not in a particularly booky mood at the moment. Articles I ingest constantly, even long ones, but extended prose is gliding past me at the moment. Must get back into a routine with it. Also, not stay up till midnight playing Crusader Kings 2 again may open up a slot for it.
  • This evening, I have fuck nothing planned, which is probably what I need. People are nice, but so is locking yourself away from them. Work again tomorrow, so I have to recharge to face it. Yay adulting!
  • What I will probably do is find something light to eat and watch Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. The book is fantastic, and the telly version is ticking all my boxes too. Go watch it.