Culture Corner

From November 2012 to June 2013, I presented a show on LUSH Radio called Culture Corner. It ran for eleven episodes, each centring around an interview with someone artistic and interesting. Each guest read from works they admire and love, talked about them, and often indulged me in discussion of how they make their own art. Plus, other people sent in recordings of themselves reading poems and stories they loved and wanted to share. There was even a short-lived Erasmus correspondence series from my friend Alex Hatcher, Letters From America.

Sadly, graduation means the end of my time on LUSH Radio. Luckily I got to interview most of the people I would wish to during the show’s short run, but it’s a format (and hobby) I like and am not going to give up easily. So, in due course (when I can find guests and a decent microphone) it will be resurrected as an occasional podcast series. Plus, there are rumblings that a version of the show, presented by a past guest may well continue on LUSH – more news on both these things as and when.

Until then, here is the complete run of radio shows for your enjoyment (I particularly like the episodes with Nick, Sara, and Edward, if you want somewhere to start).

Episode 01 – Nick Palmer

Episode 02 – Sarah Greenwood

Episode 03 – James Bloomfield

Episode 04 – Ivo de Jager

Episode 05 – James Staynings

Episode 06 – Sara-Jayne Slack

Episode 07 – Holly Ellis

Episode 08 – Benjamin Maltz-Jones

Episode 09 – Diani Davies

Episode 10 – Edward Spence

Episode 11 – Olivia Deane