Perfectly legal catnapping

A quick one today. My housemates have adopted a cat called Cassie. One of them is on a trip today, so I accompanied the other to the pet rescue place to pick her up.

Here is a picture of her taken through the cat carrier, reconsidering her life choices:

Good advice for new cat owners: let them sit in their own room for a while, so they can acclimatise to their environment. We did not receive this advice. I found this out only after Googling what to do when the cat retreats behind the fridge.

This is perfectly normal, apparently, and while it’s definitely not a great permanent space for her, there’s no real way to get her out, and she’s reasonably safe back there. It’s not ideal, particularly if she goes to the loo, but she’ll come out when she’s ready. Then she’ll be put in her room.

Such fun!

UPDATE: Ten minutes after posting this, she emerged, and has been taken to her room. This was after my housemate read her Harry Potter in French for some time to bond.