My 17/1/20 Jam: “Party of One” by Brandi Carlisle

So Eminem Beyonced (surprise-released) a new album today, Music To Be Murdered By. After one spin, it seems like a synthesis of the approaches taken on Revival and Kamikaze – the production of the former and the confrontational lyrics of the latter – with an added flavour of mumblerap’s production style. I’ve been listening to Eminem on and off since I was seven, I realised today, so I struggle to form an opinion on any basically competent album by him beyond “yay, new Eminem!”. Plus, I’ve only listened to this once. I lost interest in Kamikaze after only a couple of listens, but perhaps the new one will grab me more. In any case, none of those songs are today’s jam.

Today’s Jam is:

“Party of One” by Brandi Carlisle

There are a couple of other songs that are likely to crop up from this album over time (I was getting emotional just singing along to “The Mother” this morning), but I want to highlight this one today. There are few pleasures like a great torch song. I’m fascinated by the emotional complexity of the lyrics, and the way the verse and chorus circle around each other. I’m in love with the moment when she finally sings “I am yours”, the band comes in, and your heart seems to break and heal at the same time. It’s a grower, and it’s grown on me big time. For other services, click here.