Monday again

After two weeks, I’m hopefully getting to the tail end of this cold. Only four tablets a day… I didn’t use to take anything when ill, due to some concerns about becoming resistant to paracetamol, but for the past few years I’ve taken the “nuke from orbit” approach to health care.

After the sad death last year of Dylan, our neighbour’s cat that used to come in for attention, my housemates decided to get a cat of their own. So, at some point soon, Cassie (name change pending) will be joining us to undoubtedly ruin the nice new furnishings they’ve bought in the past few months. It’ll be good to have a furry adventurer around the place again.

After finishing Seinfeld at the beginning of the year, myself and Alex are somewhat in the market for a new sitcom to fill the “just before bedtime” slot. Previously we’ve watched Parks and Recreation and I’m sure something else I’m forgetting, but Community and The Office seem too obvious. The Venture Bros and Bob’s Burgers fulfill our need for regular animated stuff, but the “long-running and popular sitcom we somehow haven’t seen” criteria somewhat limits our choices. Mostly I’m sad Veep‘s been concluded.

The Oscars are dumb, but if you haven’t seen the nominated I Lost My Body I would recommend firing up Netflix and doing so. It’s only 80 minutes, and you can choose either the original French or an English dub with Dev Patel. Klaus is also great if you can do a Christmas movie this early/late. Live action I mostly haven’t seen, though I think I’m doing slightly better this year than most.

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Sitcom recommendations that may help or may not: Toon (Netflix, Dutch comedy about a viral musician. Subtitled), Sex Education (Netflix, coming of age dramedy – season 2 starts this week), Atypical (Netflix, coming of age dramedy about a boy who is neurologically atypical and his family), Norsemen (Netflix, Viking era comedy). You may have seen all of these of course…

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