Firehose technique

You’re right, I’m posting a lot on this blog. I haven’t written much at all in a year, so making a commitment to post something every day (at least in January) is equally shaking off the cobwebs and going on a full-on word bender.

I’m between jobs at the moment, which is why I have the time to do it, but there’s also something of the 10,000 hours thing at work. I’m most used to writing poetry, then scripts, neither artform requiring too many words in a row, Blogging isn’t a muscle I’ve particularly exercised, nor is writing at least 500 sequential words a day my regular speed.

(I’ve also got back on the novel writing horse today, because I can’t stand unfinished projects. I’ve had to restructure it in order to make sense of the material I wrote just over four years ago, and I’m only planning to make incremental progress on it until I reach an endpoint. Still, better than dead words sat on a hard drive.)

(Editing stuff and sorting out the notes section on my phone is another drama entirely.)

As I mentioned before, I’m more of a lurker than a poster on social media, but it’s time to start filling up the space I have. I’m posting more than I’m necessarily comfortable with (I’m already sharing less of these on Facebook, and have slowed down on Instagram since I don’t go anywhere to take pictures of) but I’m usually glad I’ve done some communicating. Although I think that’s enough for now.

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A wise man (Neil Gaiman) once said “There’s no first draft worse than a blank page”. I know because I have these words up in my study. It sometimes helps. Keep up the good fight!

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