Jan 1 2020

Hello again. Once more around the sun. I’m looking forward to it.

This blog has lain dormant for a while, for which I make no apology. It’s now a good time to bring it back. I hope to be more regular, but no promises.

It’s high time we reclaimed our own spaces on the Internet, not just those owned by Facebook and Twitter, but that doesn’t necessarily mean retreating from them entirely. Along with being more regular here, I’m going to try and push stuff out from here to there, rather than directly posting. The site probably needs a bit of rebuilding in general, but that’s boring admin stuff.

There will be long posts, with points to make and thoughts to develop, and there will be short posts, which will just be a wave, and there will be all sorts in between. This post is a wave.

Hello again. Welcome to the future. Talk soon.