Read the world

An intelligently written, comprehensive look at why it is important that we all read. I think the most salient point Honor makes is that it does not matter what you are reading, as long as you are reading something, and so are engaging in the world.

Personally, I’ve been going through Sterling and Lebowsky’s State of the World conference for the past week, feeling pretty stupid that some of it’s beyond me, but good about the fact I’m stretching myself. But honestly, Batman comics are just as good. READ!


This is not a manifesto, this is not a judgement, this is not an order.
This is simply an idea, an idea I want to share, an idea I want people to read.
I am not self-absorbed enough to think that the world is going to take notice, but even if you, reader, can take on board this small piece of advice, I am happy. I am happy anyway, but that is beside the point.
Yes I am biased here. I am a fourth year literature student, about to – hopefully – study a masters. I have read my entire life. As a child I was under the illusion that one day I would become Matilda and have super-powers because of the amount that I read. While I do not have telekinetic powers and the ability to terrify bad teachers, I have acquired a different kind of super power: knowledge…

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