Short story: Coffee

I've reduced the number of works I'm making available on the site, in order to have a more honest go at having stuff published. This short story was written in July 2013, which seems a world away, and was put in front of the London Road Irregulars, which was a lovely support group that fizzled out... Continue Reading →

Writing books is hard shock

So, November 1st I embarked on NaNoWriMo 2015, which is a challenge to write a novel - beginning, middle and end - of at least 50,000 words between November 1-30. It's only the 25th, but I'm calling it a day at roughly 22,000 words. And yet, I would say that this month has been a semi-success.

Funeral #fridayflash

#fridayflash, wordbunches on a Friday. I wrote this in a cafe last month, because felt guilty for not writing much, but I couldn't be bothered to revise it heavily. We need to come up for a word that means "enjoy" but suits more serious stuff. Answers on a postcard. Also, yesterday was my two-year blogging... Continue Reading →

Dawn #fridayflash

#fridayflash, wordbunches on a Friday. New for 2014: nothing. This week’s prompt is “the hill at dawn”. We sat on the hill, waiting for sunrise. The grass had frosted over, and street lamps shone from the valley below, a starcloth that muted the stars. You were sat with your kneees tucked under your chin, and your arms... Continue Reading →

Crawl #fridayflash

#fridayflash, wordbunches every Friday, or so. Occasionally they're topical, mostly they're not. This week’s prompt is “a rainy night”.   It's Friday night. It's dark, it's cold. it's raining, and I am standing at the bus stop, wearing a garish t-shirt emblazoned with the name of some society or other. I'm huddling under the umbrella of someone... Continue Reading →

Eliah #fridayflash

#fridayflash, wordbunches every Friday, or so. Never knowingly oversupplied. This week’s prompt is “obscure Bible story”.   DR. EVERETT REID: As you may know, accompanying the Bible is an assortment of apocrypha, religious stories that date from the same period, but are not considered part of the main canon. We have recently discovered a cache of writings... Continue Reading →

Knee Socks #fridayflash

#fridayflash, wordbunches every Friday. Now made with at least 25% recycled material. This week’s prompt is “inspired by a song released in 2013”. It's just turned midnight and I am missing you like mad. I'm lying awake in my bed for the fifth night this week, and I've no doubt I'll make it to seven. The last... Continue Reading →

Stranded #fridayflash

#fridayflash, wordbunches every Friday. Now with Soundcloud readings and guests. This week's prompt is "arriving somewhere unexpected". Send me your own #fridayflash piece - details at the bottom (under the read more). Dear darling, My dear, dear darling, I write to you in most perilous circumstances. My adventure has turned to misadventure. That is to say,... Continue Reading →

Tech Support #fridayflash

New #fridayflash for you all. Wordbunchings every Friday(ish). The Internet isn't working again. This is worse than last month, when it started to slow down incrementally on each page you opened, until it reached the slowest of crawls, and when I hit refresh the whole thing just packed up and refused to load anything, even after... Continue Reading →

What I Did on My Holidays #fridayflash

Introducing #fridayflash, and its attendant unironic hashtag. New wordbunchings every Friday. Feel free to join in. Rules are your own. What I did on my summer holidays This summer, we headed for a fortnight in the south of France. This was a dreadful mistake. The weather was hot and muggy, few deigned to speak English... Continue Reading →

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