Putting on a Show – Week 12: Getting Serious Now

As you may have gathered, Nando's and Nandon'ts is but one prong in a many-pronged approach to making stuff in Leicester. We're taking meetings this week concerning a potential theatrical project concerning mental health. Podcasts are being planned (and are already starting to live over on rebelbreedin.libsyn.com and on iTunes). Plus, if you are interested... Continue Reading →

Putting on a Show – Week Four: Melvin

Welcome back to our series on Nando’s and Nandon’ts. Last week, you heard James Bloomfield talking about his role, Melvin, and this week you’ll hear myself and Will. Melvin’s been the most difficult character to crack, and has certainly been the one under most discussion in the super-secret writing meetings. Our protagonist has always been... Continue Reading →

Putting on a Show – Week Two: Q&A

So, a definitely-not-self-indulgent Q and A. I shall begin. JAMES: So, Will - why me? Oh god, why me? WILL:  Well, I’m not entirely sure. We hadn’t known each other too long when I approached you. You’d foolishly cast me in a play you were directing in 2012 and so I guess I’d got used... Continue Reading →

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